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Director, Writer, Actor, Producer, Poet.

“I Create For My Own Joy – and my objective is that others enjoy my creativity.” I began my professional acting career in 1967. In 1973, I studied Theater, under Actor/Director, Bill Duke, at New Federal Theater. I am an Alumni of Lincoln Center’s (Directors Lab). For twenty-three years I have directed numerous productions at the M-Ensemble Theater Company in Miami, Florida; and also coordinated and directed their Summer Youth program. From 1985 until the present, under the auspices of Dr. Rodney K. Douglas, of the New Day Repertory Theater, I’ve directed and performed in several productions including “Fences,” “The River Niger,” “The Taking Of Miss Janie,” “The Caine Mutiny Court- Martial,” to name a few. Currently, I am starring in a film production entitled “The Veil,” written by Leon Pinkney. 
Jerry Maple Jr.

Jerry Maple Jr. is my father’s first cousin. I’ve known him all my life. My family migrated from Sumter, South Carolina. We lived in a tenement on 126 th Street in Harlem back in the ‘70s. Whenever family would migrate to New York, we would stay on the third floor until we were able to get on our feet and move to our own residence. That third-floor apartment had six bedrooms. Each family would take a room. I remember my parents would throw rent parties and card parties and we, the children, would have to stay in our rooms. While the adults were adulting, Jerry would come home from working the theater circuit with toys and treats for the children. We would get so excited when he came home because we knew he was bringing us something kid-friendly. My father died when I was 11 years old, so Jerry was like a father figure to me and my three siblings. He stood in our father’s place at all of our milestone events.

Fast forward a few decades. Jerry is now elderly and has never been married. Although he has no biological children, he has a host of nieces, nephews and cousins that love him dearly. He is a strong-minded, independent man who has afforded many in the theater community, the opportunity to perform on stage. Many of them say today, how much they love him for all that he has done to aid them in their careers. 

This God fearing giant has always been generous with his time, talent, and treasures. The thought of how much he helped others, inspired me to open homes for those who may need to share until they move to the next stage of their lives. Like Jerry, there are senior citizens who need assistance with daily living, but don’t have any family in a position to give them the time and attention they need. Assisted living facilities cost approximately $6000 - $8000 per month, depending on the state and most nursing homes are inadequate. Where does that leave low-income seniors with no immediate family? How many are living in dire straits? No one should have to live home alone. You can live at Jerry Maple Suites - “Shared housing for folk with similar lifestyles.”
Felicia Yarber, Owner